Cannes Lions Invitations

Every year at the Cannes Lions Festival, the Viacom CEO hosted an intimate, exclusive party. While us creative worker bees don’t get to go, we do get to create invitations and gifts. Sounds simple, but when these guests can literally have it all, the challenge is to come up with ideas that are one-of-a-kind, memorable, and in these (unproduced) examples, entirely unique.

We really pushed our ideas, perhaps beyond where the C-suite would prefer. But I’m immensely proud of the thinking my art director partners and I put into all of these.

Custom Oak Aging Bottle
This handcrafted oak aging bottle takes the tradition of oak aging sprits to a new level, allowing recipients to infuse complex flavors into a celebratory beverage of their choice.

Art Direction and Design: Peter Kaplan

Champagne Sabre

Nothing signals the beginning of a celebration as memorably as sabrage, or champagne sabering. Invoking the spirited history of this ritual as well as the liveliness of our event, each guest receives an exquisitely crafted sabre and a bottle of champagne. A brief guide to sabering completes the picture of what guests will experience at Cannes.

Art Direction and Design: Alexandra Felsenstein

Collaborative Art

This experiential gift would let guests create a uniquely beautiful art installation at the event. Each would receive a piece hand crafted by a renowned artist such as Dale Chihuly. As they arrive at the party, guests would be invited to add their custom piece to the installation, see it evolve and grow through their collaboration and share in the creative experience, making their objet d’art the social and conversational centerpiece of the evening.

Art Direction and Design: Alexandra Felsenstein