I’ve been on Broadway — in the role of a ginormous Times Square billboard.

But it closed after just two weeks.

Shakes fist at media buyer, dramatically exits stage left...

I did my first voice-over for an online CRM program. Thirsty work, literally.

And later, got my heart broken over a celebrity-endorsed television spot we pitched to the same client.

The ECD praised it for being “too emotional.”

The spot, not the VO.

An hour before a pitch at a client’s global HQ for their big US product launch, we learned that the creative director who was supposed to present our concepts, wasn’t coming. No idea why.

No time to panic. Or cry.

Instead, my AD partner and I cowboyed up, steeled our nerves, went on in...

We knew the work, we loved the work. And we rocked it.


For a holiday radio spot I cast the guy who played Norman Wilson in The Wire.

Amazing voice, amazing in person. He graciously sat through endless script rewrites from the client while we were in the recording studio. Total pro.

Four hours later, the client was finally happy with what had become (no kidding) a 90-second spot about doing your holiday shopping at Newark Airport.

For the 18 people who listened to the entire spot, I hope you got some sweet deals. And didn’t miss your flight.