Capital One Times Square Billboard

How to get noticed by New Yorkers in the busiest place on Earth? Speak their language. This brand awareness initiative positioned Capital One, an "out of towner" bank, as a recognizable presence in the city by taking a very New York-centric approach to the messaging.

I wrote a slew of lines, most of which we had to leave out. Here are some of my favorites:

If you're still pronouncing it "Hew-ston" then How-ston, we have a problem.

TKTS lines form down there. Lines at our branches are shorter.

[arrows pointing in relevant directions]
Uptown, Downtown, East... Yeah, we've got branches there.

[arrow pointing west]
The Hudson. No branches there. Just New Jersey.

New York used to be the capital of the US. Now it's somewhere else.

Broadway runs from the Battery to Albany. The best stretch is right here.

New Yorkers can eat a bagel with one hand, drink coffee in another, and hail a taxi with a third.

Times Square is over 100 years old. We should all look that fabulous at that age.

Too bright to see the stars? We've got our own stars right here.

Creative Direction: Mat Zucker
Art Direction: Daniela Del Percio

Graphic Design: Juliana Guimaraes